Title Achievements

Members are encouraged to apply to celebrate their successes with their Cocker Spaniels in any Dogs Australia discipline.

Each year members can apply to the Club to have a 'Trophy' to celebrate their success.

We are thrilled to share the successes of those who have achieved titles in various disciplines.

So we will share the lists of the awards each year now we have a website again.

2019 - Congratulations

In 2019 we are proud to congratulate the following members dogs on their achievements.

Grand Championship Title
Dual Ch (T) Grand Ch Macdolly CantStopBelieving 
owner and handler Rosemary Lahz

Championship Titles 
Ch Spanriever Dayz Zar Blue - owner/breeder - Ann Morgan
Ch Shelpin Aim For The Stars - owner/breeder - Shellie Galpin
Ch Hyrollers Short Stack - owner/breeder Nadine Siemon
Ch Hyrollers Spill The Beans - owner  Sue Bruno/Nadine Siemon
Ch Bralmico Shimmer N Shine - owner Tina and Neil Crocker
Ch Macdolly CantGetNoSatisfaction - owner Denise Burke
Ch Macdolly CantKeepMyHandsOff  - owner Heath Thomson
Ch Asuare Only Takes One - owner Denise Burke
Ch Macdolly Every Move You Make - owner Denise Burke
Ch Jodegee Rumble In The Jungle- owner Shellie Galpin

Neuter Championship
Neut Ch/Sup Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S - owner Denise Burke

Endurance Title
Ch Macdolly Double Take ET - owner/handler Kay Hutt

Tracking Title 
Ch Macdolly Double Take ET TD - owner/handler Kay Hutt

2020 - Congratulations

COVID has put a hiatus to dog events in 2020 but we are proud to congratulate the following members dogs on their achievements

Championship Title
Ch Shelpin Wish Upon The Stars - owner/breder - Shellie Galpin 

Strategic Pairs Dog

Neuter Ch Cobalt Pride of Erin RFS N HTM N SPD  - Janet Richmond

2021 - Congratulations

Championship Titles
Ch Braycharm Royal Obsession  -
Shellie Galpin
Ch Benspan Its Just Magic -  W & L Vickery
Ch Benspan A Touch of Magic -  W & L Vickery
Ch Macdolly Cantlet Thismomentend - Denise Burke
Ch Macdolly Remember The Time - Terri Davies
Ch Macdolly Cant Wait For It TD -  R Sehl
Ch Tarrendayle This Cant Be Legal - Toni Dennis

Neuter Championship Title
Neut Ch Drumprint First Wave -
Jenny Hughes

Tracking Title
Macdolly Cant Wait For It TD -
R Sehl


2022 - Congratulations to the following club members and their cockers.

Championship Titles
Ch Benspan Free Spirit -  W & L Vickery

Ch Macdolly Time to Keep Secrets - Terri Davies                                                                                                      

Ch Macdolly Moving Pictures - Terri Davies / Denise Burke                                                                          

Ch Macdolly Gone With The Wind - Terri Davies / Denise Burke 

Ch Macdolly UDontSpellit UFeelit - Terri Davies / Denise Burke    

Ch Macdolly Smooth Operator - Terri Davies / Denise Burke                                                                                   

Ch Brayroan Rhythm N Soul  - Dianne Penman                                                                                                           

Ch Cobalt Flaming Arrow - Terri Smith                                                                                                                          

Ch Cobalt Scandalous Flirt - Terri Smith  

Ch Acijay Dressed to The Nines with Watervaal - Louise Bygraves

Ch Shelpin Star Huntress - Shellie Galpin

Grand Championship Titles  

Gr Ch Macdolly Remember the Time - Terri Davies / Denise Burke 

Supreme Championship Titles  

Sup Ch Macdolly Remember the Time - Terri Davies / Denise Burke     


Neuter Championship Title
Neuter Ch Drumprint First Kiss - Jenny Hughes                                                                                                 

Neuter Ch Sup Ch Macdolly CantStopThisFeeling - Terri Davies / Denise Burke

Neuter Ch Cobalt Spring Fling - Dianne Penman 

Neuter Grand Championship Title

Neuter Grand Ch Sup Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S - Terri Davies / Denise Burke


Scentwork Title                                                                                                                                                               

Ch Bolwarra Inspire - Scentwork Novice - Jenny Hughes                                                                            

Drumprintt Tribelle Son - Scentwork Novice - Jenny Hughes


If you are a member, please email:  [email protected]  as your title/s are approved so that your achievement can be noted by the Club. If your achievement is for a Grand, Supreme or Full (any other discipline) title please include a HI RES photograph as we ensure that you have a 'special' award for your wonderful achievement.  Please send copy of the Title certificate provided by the ANKC for your application to be processed.  The awards are presented at the AGM each year, if you are unable to attend the meeting, member will be required to cover the costs of postage for the award/s.


Contact Details

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