Lure Coursing

Lure coursing was originally designed for sighthound breeds (Greyhound, Borzoi, Whippet, Saluki - to name a few) to give the dogs the ability to hone in on their natural instincts. Lure coursing as we know it now, includes dogs of all breeds, including cocker spaniels.

The "lure" is a plastic bag that is tied to a strong string that is pulled around a course by a machine. The course is set out using pulleys to try simulate a hare running in the field. For ANKC regulations, each course is between 650 – 900m and each dog runs twice on the day (with a break in between).

The dogs are released on a cue of “Tally Ho” given by the Huntmaster and then follow the lure around trying to do their best to catch it if they can. At the end the dogs are caught once again and retire with a big smile on their face and their tongues hanging out!

Whilst the sport may have been designed for sighthounds, Cockers have taken the sport by storm in Australia. The first ANKC Lure Coursing titles to be awarded in Australia on the 1st May 2016 were awarded to cocker spaniels: Watervaal Flame Keeper CA and Manunga Flame N Fortune CAX. Cockers went on to obtain the first titles in the Coursing Ability Stream throughout Australia.

Coursing Ability title: Watervaal Flame Keeper CA and Manunga Flame N Fortune CAX (1st May 2016)

Coursing Ability Advance title: Manunga Flame N Fortune CAX and Manunga Off With a Bang CAX (23rd April 2017)

Coursing Ability Excellence title: Manunga Off With a Bang CAX (28th September 2017)

Coursing Ability Master title: Manunga Off With a Bang CAM (9th January 2020)

Coursing Ability Master title:  Manunga Flame N Forune CAM (9th January 2020)

QLD is home to the most titled Lure Coursing dogs in Australia and the most actively competing.

Majority of Lure Coursing meets are held by the QLD Sighthound Association

Lure Coursing is a great way to burn out excess energy in your dog. You don’t have to train for it, you simply need a fit dog who’s happy to chase and leave your side!

Thank you Nic Mather for compiling the information for the Club and providing the photos and we look forward to many more Cockers getting out there and chasing the Lure and the titles in Lure Coursing - come along and give it a go !!

To date the following dogs have Lure Coursing Titles and we will continue to update this list to keep a historical record of how versatile our breed is.

Pencandy Its Goin Down CAX

Manunga More Bang For Ya Bux CAX

Manunga Off With A Bang CAM

Manunga Flame N Fortune CAM

Watervaal Flame Keeper CA

Acijay Tri N Catch Me CA

Ch/NZ Ch Acijay All Fired Up CA

Ch Acijay Nobodys Business CA

Tarrendayle Black and Bling JC

All photos copyright:  Nic Mather  



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