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The following members have puppies due or already born  - contact them direct 

updated 1/9/19


The following members have registered ANKC prefixes which means they are breeding and registering puppies that come with Pedigree Papers.  

Listed alphabetically by kennel Prefix

ACIJAY - Louise Bygraves
AMAMOOR - Debra Thomas
ASUARE - Heath Thomson
BENSPAN - Bill and Lee Vickery

BRAYROAN - Julie Newbold
CANOWIE - June Pollard

CINDALY - Dianne Penman
COBALT - Sue Bruno
DRUMPRINTT - Jenny Hughes
HYROLLERS - Susan and Nadine Siemon
KAPOINT - Kay Hutt
LEWFINBE- Jeanette & Elizabeth Stoneley
MACDOLLY - Terri Davies
PENCANDY - Tina and Neil Crocker

ROYONI - Karleen Bennett & Linda Kantek
SHELPIN - Shellie Galpin
SPEZIA - Jennifer Robb
SUNLORE - Jeani Tobler
WATERVAAL - Gwen Hansen

WILZAC - Cheryl Geissmann


Buying from an ANKC registered breeder means that your puppy from a Queensland breeder will have DNA testing for both parents - to guarantee their parentage.  

Your puppy will come with Pedigree Papers (Main or Limited ANKC Register), Microchipped, have been wormed every two weeks since birth, will have been vaccinated between 6 and 8 weeks of age, and will have been raised in a safe, secure and clean environment.  

Puppies are usually not ready on the day you make an enquiry.  

Some breeders will breed maybe two or three times a year, others may only breed every few years.  Please be prepared to wait for the right puppy as it is worth it.  

Select the colour you want, the sex you want, then contact Breeders and ask about their ethos and the health testing.  Add your name to waiting lists with Breeders (and remember once you source your puppy to remove your name from other lists) and hopefully you will get the right puppy from the right breeder that feels right for you.

It is not uncommon for Puppies to be sold with an Agreement/Contract outlining what the Breeder is offering for sale and their expectations of the new owner.  

Puppies are livestock and Breeders are unable to guarantee a puppy. 
They can assuare you by genetic testing that your puppy may not develop prcd-PRA/AHRN(FN) or AON.  They cannot guarantee that your puppy will not get Hip Dysplasia or a number of auto-immune conditions that afflict the breed.  
Be wise.
Be honest in your expectations and select a Breeder that you feel happy to acquire a puppy from.

Ask for copies of the health tests that have been undertaken for BOTH parents before you make a decision to purchase. 

Breeders are encouraged to ensure they have the health of the breed at heart, and will be happy to provide a purchaser with copies of all health tests.  


DISCLAIMER:  The Club lists our current members who hold Prefixes - this listing is no way a recommendation of any breeder or their ethics, it is purely information to put you in contact with our Members who may have puppies or may have puppies planned in the future.  
Always ask for a copy of the pedigree of the puppy you are intending to purchase, plus ask if any health testing has been done and ask for copies of the results.
See our HEALTH ISSUES page for testing that may be undertaken
There are no mandatory health testing regimes in Australia for our breed, however, diligent breeders will have the health of the breed at heart.

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The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]