Runner Up Best in Show Winners

Runner Up Best in Show

The 'Macdolly Look at Me' Perpetual Trophy

Donated by Gwynne Thomas

Year Winner Owner
2004 Gr Ch Lehearn Hearts Delight Tobler
2005 Ch Acijay Hot Curry Bygraves
2006 Ch Lovelang Kit Carson Love/Lang
2007 Ch Northcoate Time Machine Zucker/ Hutt/Love
2008 Ch Cobalt Headliner Fitzgerald/Oakley
2009 Gr Ch Cobalt Dragonheart Bruno
2010 Ch Manunga Musketeer Sticher
2011 Ch Elspan Moonraker Petrowsky
2012 Gr Ch Bifield Drive Ya Krackers Kill
2013 Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S Davies
2014 Ch Pencandy Strands from Jayzander  Sticher
2015 Pencandy Go Between Crocker
2016 Canowie All That Jazz Crocker
2017 Pinewaite Can Anyone Hear Me Duffield
2018 blank  
2019 Watersmeet Happy Chance Houston
2020 Sunlore Seize the Moment Tobler
2021 Ch Acijay Soul Sister of Pencandy Crocker
2022 Madenwitt Keepin It Legal At Tarrendayle Dennis
2023 Ch Kimkiera Who Dares Wins Grant

Contact Details

The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]