Puppy in Show Winners

The 'Sheung' Trophy

Donated by Graham and Carol Wright

Year Winner Owner
1994 Sheung Secret Lover Wright
1995 Sheung Made in Heaven Wright
1996 Sheung Body N Soul Wright
1997 Sunlore Blue Biyou Grant
1998 Clarevale Wind Bag Gotch/Dennis
1999 Royoni Rackateer Royoni
2002 Teemstar Starry Nights  
2003 Macdolly Obsession  
2004 Goldtag Just One Look Houldsworth
2005 Sunlore Secret Lover  
2006 Glenayden True Spirit Glenayden
2007 Watervaal Pause A Minute Hansen
2008 Pencandy Some Like It Hot Dennis
2009 Arrunga After the Luvin Duncan/Field/Boddy
2010 Feenix Sparks Will Fly Rochester
2011 Speaia Ring of Pearls Robb
2012 Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S Davies
2013 Pinewaite Rumor Hazit Duffield
2014 Royoni Never Wicked Mayne/ Hobson
2015 Acvaal King Jedi Bottriell
2016 Acvaal Buttons and Bows Thomas
2017 Ch Ravensnite No More Bux Ugrinic
2018 Royoni In My Footsteps Royoni
2019 Pencandy Paw Petrol Crocker
2020 Tarrendayle This Can't Be Legal Dennis
2021 Pinewaite Time to Tri Duffield
2022 Shelpin Star Attraction Galpin
2023 Shelpin Royal Mischief Maker Galpin

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