Reserve Bitch Challenge Winners

Reserve Bitch Challenge


Donated by T Harm- Dennis

Year Winner Owner
1994 Glenayden Razamataz O'Keefe
1995 Ch Manunga Black Bess Sticher
1996 Ch Manunga Miss Deal Sticher
1997 Ch Sheung Made in Heaven Wright
1998 Ch Manunga Miss Deal Sticher
1999 Kebarlea Karnellan Love/Hutt
2000 Ch Clarevale Caress Gotch
2001 Ch Kebarlea Keep A Secret Love/Hutt
2002 Teemstar Starry Night Davies / Thomson
2003 Ch Wynmore Melting Pot Harm
2004 Royoni Rise N Shine Royoni
2005 Ch Bifield Drive Ya Krackers Kill
2006 Ch Glenayden Dance in Time O'Keefe
2007 Ch Bifield Drive Ya Krackers Kill
2008 Royoni Steps To Stardom Royoni
2009 Ch Lamorna The Charmed One Cross
2010 Ch Feenix StepIn Ahead N Time Rochester
2011 Ch Manunga Make It Snappy Sticher
2012 Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S Davies 
2013 Ch Macdolly G L A M O R O U S Davies 
2014 Gr Ch Feenix Power of Dreams Grant
2015 Ravensnite Brite N Breezy Ugrinic
2016 Acijay Soul Sister of Pencandy Crocker
2017 Ch Kimkeira Keepn Up Appearances Grant
2018 Ch Britebay Black Bindi Brodie
2019 Ch Bifield Meant To Be Kill
2020 Ravensnite Kick Start My Heart Ugrinic
2021 Pinewaite Beautiful Trauma Duffield
2022 Amamoor Footsteps in the Sand Thomas
2023 Ch Kimkiera Aim To Please (AI) Grant

Contact Details

The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]