Registered Breeders and Club Members

The following members have registered DOGS AUSTRALIA prefixes which means they are breeding and registering puppies that come with Pedigree Papers.  

This information can be verified through the DOGS QUEENSLAND Registered Breeder Check

Our Club has a CODE of ETHICS for our Members in relation to health testing. 

Our Club Members are encouraged to support the worldwide Cocker Spaniel database supplying pedigrees and all health testing results to benefit the Breed:

Our Club Members are encouraged to commit to improving the health of all pedigreed Cocker Spaniels and share and record health testing results with the ORCHID (Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database) for the DOGS AUSTRALIA:  

Not all dogs  tested will appear on the ORCHID website as these are the public viewing testing results only and some breeders may choose not to release their test results publicly, but may still be partaking in the hip and elbow scoring scheme.


Listed alphabetically by kennel Prefix are Club Members that are DOGS AUSTRALIA Registered Breeders

Click on the Breeder Prefix to contact them by email.

ACIJAY - Louise Bygraves

ASUARE - Heath Thomson

BENSPAN - Bill and Lee Vickery

​BOLWARRA - Megan Markatony (NSW)

BRAYROAN - Julie Newbold

CINDALY - Dianne Penman

COBALT - Sue Bruno

DRUMPRINTT - Jenny Hughes


GRENADI - Diane Partridge

KAPOINT - Kay Hutt 

KIMKIERA - Melissa Grant

KINGSWAY - Marcia Kingston (NSW)

KINTAIL - Tina Grey & Maxeen Hobson

LEWFINBE - Jeanette Stoneley

MACDOLLY - Terri Davies

MYSHALAIR - Hilare Yeates

NOCTE - Belinda Costello

PENCANDY - Tina and Neil Crocker

RAVENSNITE - Alecia Ugrinic

SANTHOME - Jannette & Norman McDonald

SHELPIN - Shellie Galpin

SPEZIA - Jennifer Robb


TSPARKLE - Terri Smith



This listing is not a recommendation of any breeder or their ethics, it is purely information to put you in contact with our Members who may have puppies or may have puppies planned in the future. 

Prospective buyers/owners should undertake their own research into the breed and ascertain if the Cocker Spaniel is suitable for their requirements

Contact Details

The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]