Australian Bred in Show Winners

The CSCQ Trophy

Donated by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Queensland

Year Winner Owner
1994 Ch Braircrest Bramble Werner/ McFadden
1995 Ch Kebarlea Krocodile Love/Hutt/Peel
1996 Ch Sheung Made in Heaven Wright
1997 Ch Sheung Made in Heaven Wright
1998 Cobalt Blueberry Tart Bruno/Turner
1999 Cobalt Tangerine Dreams Bruno/Turner
2000 Ch Doulton Total Takeover Jon/Jones
2001 Ch Kebarlea Keep A Secret Love/Hutt
2002 Wynmore Melting Pot Harm
2003 Ch Royoni He's True Blue Royoni
2004 Ch Lehearn Hearts Delight Tobler
2005 Ch Macdolly Augustus Leonart Morgan
2006 Ch Kokleone Moonlite Sonata Dennis
2007 Gr Ch Bifield Drive Ya Krackers Kill
2008 Manunga Minstrel Sticher
2009 Ch Cobalt Gingernut Stoneley
2010 Ch Manunga Musketeer Sticher
2011 Ch Manunga Make It Snappy Sticher
2012 Sunlore Strike A Pose Tobler
2014 Watervaal Flame Keeper Glynn
2015 Ch Ravensnite Happy Snap Ugrinic
2016 Ch Pinewaite Rumor Hazit Duffield
2017 Ch/ NZCh Acijay All Fired Up Bygraves
2018 Ch Bolwarra Smarty Pants Markotany
2019 no award  
2020 Gr Ch Kimkiera Keepn Up Appearances Grant
2021 Ch Kimkiera Who Dares Wins Grant
2022 Pinewaite Beautiful Trauma Duffield




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