Minor in Show Winners

Minor Puppy in Show

The 'AROWEN' Trophy

Donated by R & L Bygraves and G Hansen


Year Winner Owner
1994 Yumraki Yujo Buckley
1995 Sheung Heaven or Hell Wright
1996 Bifield Fair N Square Kill
1997 Sunlore Blue Biyou Grant
1998 Tarrendayle Tickle Me Erni Harm
1999 Royoni Rackateer Royoni
2000 Showcasing After Midnight Killworth/ Love
2001 Goldtag Touch of England Bignall
2002 Benchka Walkin on Hearts Campbell
2003 Ryangaye Rhythm N Jazz Allen
2004 Royoni Watch This Royoni
2005 Tarrendayle From The Heart Harm- Dennis
2006 Cobalt Headliner Bruno / Fitzgerald
2007 Lochranza Walkaround with Pencandy (Imp UK) Crocker
2008 Westalke by Fireside Peel
2009 Macdolly Dressed to the Nines Masson
2010 Glenayden Perewinkle O'Keefe
2011 Manunga Pandora Sticher
2012 Wysiwyg From the Heart of Texas O'Brien
2013 Cobalt Loaded Gun McHardy
2014 Candlewind Satin N Lace Tobler
2015 Myshalair Ice Maiden Yeates
2016 Pinewaite Can Anyone Hear Me Duffield
2017 Acijay Caught in the Act Bygraves
2018 Cleemist Blue Bella Drekovic
2019 Pinewaite Beautiful Trauma Duffield
2020 Cobalt Caramel Cookie Bruno
2021 Twnroyal Craigie Baby Jones
2022 Ravensnite Ru Paying Attention At Tarrendayle Ugrinic
2023 Higait Purple Rain Oberg

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