Minor in Show Winners

Minor Puppy in Show

The Manunga Black Bess Trophy

Donated by Manunga Kennels

Year Winner Owner
2004 Jyndel As Good As it Gets Davies
2005 Cobalt Alice in Wonderland Bruno
2006 Kokleone The Keeper Peel
2007 Belcroft Diamond Dayz Bellamy
2008 Sunlore Strike A Pose Tobler
2009 Macdolly Dressed to the Nines Masson
2010 Ayshire Checkmate Bygraves
2011 Macdolly Piece De Resistance Davies
2012 Manunga Sno Easy Sticher
2013 Ravensnite Im Gunna Snap Ugrinic
2014 Candlewind Prince of Tides Fitzgerald/ Oakley
2015 Myshalair Crusin On Ice Yeates
2016 Myshalair Made for Mischief Yeates
2017 Copperkee Blue Pixie Dust Creagh
2018 Shelpin Haleys Comet Galpin
2019 Pinewaite Beautiful Trauma Duffield
2020 Macdolly Cant Ever Look Back Davies
2021 Acijay Dressed to the Nines with Watervaal Bygraves
2022 Tarrendayle Tri and Resist Me Dennis
2023 Madanwitt The Buck Stops Here Ugrinic

Contact Details

The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]