Welcome to the Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc.  The Club has a common goal to promote purebred dogs in general with an emphasis on the Cocker Spaniel. We look to increase our knowledge of the breed, the health issues that arise, and adopt a proactive approach to ensuring the best of the best are bred, and that families can enjoy our breed knowing that our breeders are doing all they can to ensure the health of the breed, whilst conforming with the breed standard.

A happy, healthly and active Cocker Spaniel is a pure joy to behold and own.  We hope to share the activities that our amazing breed can partake in, and foster a great love for generations to come. 

On our website we hope that over time  we can cover as much information as possible to help out owners, and prospective owners of our lovely breed with information such as:

We also have a FACEBOOK page that we are keeping as up to date as possible and hope you will visit our Facebook page (and like and follow) to keep up to date with the Club.

You don't need to show dogs to be a member, you don't need to compete in any dog sports to be a member, you just need a love of the breed. Or have an interest in ensuring that activities with purebred dogs, inparticular Cocker Spaniels, continue.  Have an interest in ensuring that health concerns are shared and collectively encourage all to undertake the tests currently available and moving forward, continue to test as science helps us keep the breed healthy. Share your love and your knowledge and have a common goal - to ensure that Cocker Spaniels will always be available to steal everyone's heart.


Meeting Dates 2024

1st Wednesday of the month and bi monthly


7 February 2024

3 April 2024

5 June 2024

7 August 2024

2 October 2024

6 November 2024 - General and AGM


Read more about the Cocker Spaniel on the Dogs Queensland website:  https://www.dogsqueensland.org.au/Breeds/browse-all-breeds/22/Cocker-Spaniel/

The Club nor its Executive and/or Committee or any member, take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided within the pages of this website.



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The Secretary, Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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